5 Diet Foods that can Make you Gain Weight

Diet foods can be deceiving. If you are not careful about what they say is good for you, you can be in trouble. There are actually some diet foods that, instead of helping you lose weight, they actually make you gain more weight.

Breakfast Cereals

breakfast cereals

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Most of those cereals tagged as “healthy” are actually the worst food you eat at the beginning of the day. Most of these breakfast cereals are full of sugar and refined carbohydrates which help you gain weight.

Health experts said that when you eat processed cereals to start your day will increase your blood sugar and insulin levels. When blood sugar is broken down after several hours, your body will crave for more snacks which is high in refined carbs.

Take note that mostly of those food product labels which states that it is low-fat or whole grain are usually those with high content of sugar.

Health experts recommend foods that are not processed in the morning such as eggs and vegetables. But if you love cereals in the morning, find the cereals that do not have high content of sugar or refined grains.

If you want to lose weight and you really love cereals, choose one with high fiber content. Oats and wheat are good choices compared to commercialized sugar-loaded cereals.


Generally, we learned to think that all salads are healthy. Although salads have vegetables and other healthy ingredients, these salads come with oily and sugary-loaded commercial dressings that are high in fat and calories. There are salads that contain good fats for losing weight like olive oil, but this is not always the case. Consider using light dressing like balsamic vinegar or just avoid dressings.

Or, better if you can prepare your own dressing with some extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and other healthy spices and herbs for better options.

Whole Wheat Bread

This whole wheat is usually a good alternative to refined wheat. However, the common problem with most of the whole grain foods is that they are not prepared from the real whole grains. It is a marketing trick that people usually fall into. And sometimes, it is the stuff that we put between whole wheat bread that making it unhealthy and make us gain weight instead of losing some.

Grains are powdered into very fine flour for easy digestion but it increases blood sugar level just as the refined grains. Whole wheat bread contains glycemic index which is a measure of how fast foods increase blood sugar levels. The bread may contain a bit of fiber and other nutrients, but it does not make the difference.

Studies also show that even the “heart-healthy” wheat can pose some health problems, especially those who are sensitive to gluten.


Granola is categorized as healthy food in the market. It may be healthy but it is not a diet food. Granola is nutritious and high in fiber content, but it contains sugar and oil in high amount which means it is high in fat and calories. Try eating granola in small portions, or you can switch to muesli which contains lower fat content and free of sugar. This option can provide you with similar health benefits less the sugar.

Low-Fat Yogurt


Yogurt is undoubtedly a healthy food. But commercialized low-fat yogurt is a different story.

Food producers take away fats from the food and the downside is that it tastes bad. So, they add other stuff to offset the lack of fats which they remove.

For yogurt, they add sugar, fructose corn syrup (in high amount) or some artificial sweetener. Recent studies reveal that saturated fat is “harmless,” so those who produce low-fat yogurt actually remove the good stuff in it and replace them with something worse.

Some studies also claim that taking dairy fat make you obese. These studies reveal that those individuals who take high-fat dairy products tend to become obese.


Bottom line, be careful with commercialized processed foods. Advertisement make them appear healthy and good choice for losing weight. But actually, they add something that is unhealthy or remove the healthy ingredient and replace them with  ingredients that is worse.

Dietitians always advise people who want to lose weight that the amount of food that you eat should also be the amount you should release. Or, to lose weight “healthily,” take proper diet and exercise. Proper diet involves proper way of preparing your food following the food pyramid.  It is that simple.

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