9 Unhealthy Foods with FDA Approval But Unlawful In Other Countries

There are times when I cannot help but ask myself whether Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are doing guessing work or just do not know if the food they approve is really okay for human consumption and  for our well-being. I just realize that because FDA approves certain food does not mean that this food meets the safety standards of other countries. It seems that they have stricter food safety standards than we have.

Here are some 10 foods that are approved by US-FDA but unlawful to other countries due to several reasons.

Foods that contain BHA and BHT

image credit to 10tophomeremedies.com

These are foods  preservatives and are used in preserving meats, cereals, assorted nuts,   chewing gum, instant mashed potatoes, baked goods, and the like read the article. Some studies reveal that butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) caused cancer in rats while conducting  studies, and therefore, experts fear that these known preservatives can be harmful to the health of human beings too. These two ingredients are linked to  hyperacidity and allergic reactions to people.

Japan and EU declared foods with these preservatives as unlawful.


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