Avoid these 14 Common Foods with Toxins

A famous quote says that there are two sides of the coin, so are the foods that we prepare and eat. With no “further ado,” here are some important tips on foods that we basically have in our kitchen not knowing that it can kill us.



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This much-loved clubhouse, especially among children, is definitely fatal! Studies have proven that eating too much of this “hotdog-wich” can lead to cancers. Young children who eat too much hot dogs are at higher risks of leukemia.



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Although tomatoes are rich in lycopene, it has another side of the coin that we should know. This juicy and red tomato has toxin known as glycoalkaloid which can cause anxiety, upset stomach, and extreme cramps. Do not worry. This toxin is found in its leaves and stems. We don’t eat them, do we?



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Common allergies come from peanuts, but the most extreme reaction known is anaphylaxis which can cause loss of consciousness, intense constriction of airways, shock, and worst death. It is recommended to know first your allergies before eating this addictive foodstuff called peanut butter.



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Actually almonds are not nuts but seeds and although they have many health benefits, they also contain toxins. Those bitter almonds in raw form contain cynaide. These raw almonds are required to undergo a specialized heat treatment, not those do-it-yourself oven roasting, to get rid of toxins.



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These favorite potatoes contain toxic leaves and stems but as you know “potato poisoning” is uncommon. Those potato-related deaths are due to eating green potatoes or drinking potatos leaf tea.



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Another famous quote says “not every mushroom is created equal.” While cremini mushrooms can be made as pasta toppers, other versions have toxins that can be very fatal and cause lives.



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Elderberry plant is processed to become medicinal syrups, liquors, and sodas. However, take note that these elderberry leaves and stems can upset stomach.



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Ackee comes in pea form that has to be completely ripened because it carries toxins that can cause human lives. Take note also that importation of these raw ackee fruits is prohibited in U.S., although you can purchase them in canned.

#Cherries, Stone Fruit, and Apple Seeds


image from: SanLucar

Beware of cherry seeds because they have poisonous hydrogen cyanide which we know is fatal. Other stone fruits and apples including apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, and the likes are “nature’s candies” but stay away from their seeds, leaves, and barks. They carry amygdalin which produces cyanide. Huge doses can cause dizziness, vomiting, kidney failure, heightened blood pressure, coma, and worst – death.

#Rhubarb Leaves


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Rhubarb is used in baking to make yummy sweets but shun from its leaves because they are toxic. They can cause seizures, trouble in breathing, kidney failure, and worst scenario – death.

#Uncooked Eggs, Raw Meat


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Raw eggs and uncooked meat such as seafoods, poultry, and red meat, have salmonella bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis. This famous salmonella poisoning can cause extreme complications like bacteremia, a condition when salmonella enters the bloodstream, can cause human lives especially those who have weak immune systems. Cook this favorite breakfast food to avoid risks.

#Puffer Fish, Shellfish


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Also known as Fugu, their skin and some organs have severe toxin that can even paralyze people and worst – death. Shellfish also contains an extreme allergic response that can stop breathing and therefore, life-threatening.

#Live Octopus


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Watch out for eating live octopus. Its suction cups can stick to your throat if you do not chew them thoroughly. Well, I know that does not sound – good.

#Castor Oil


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Castor oil is used for skin and hair products. It comes from castor bean plant which contains toxin called ricin. Just be certain that your castor oil is processed complying to safety guidelines set by authorities.


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