On Father’ Day: Making Him Special and Loved

June comes from the Latin term which means “young.” In Roman mythology, we were taught that Juno was the protectress of women and marriage, thus, during these modern times, June is referred to as the “bridal month.”

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Our elders taught us that June conveys joy, laughter, and excitement. It is a period where our momentum and force merge for compassion, harmony and fertility. And it is in June that we choose to celebrate Father’s Day.

We celebrate Father’s Day to express our gratitude and love for the special person in our lives, who in silence, guide us through life’s journey. This Father’s Day, let us celebrate it more special than the previous Father’s Day celebration.

On this special day, give all our attention to him. Surprises are great, especially when we know him that much, his likes and dislikes, what he loves and what makes him angry. But asking him how he wants to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day is another option. If he wants to go fishing, then, let us all get the hook and enjoy the fun. If he wants to spend some hours alone, so be it. Whatever he wants…. Well, I guess, he deserves it.

credit: National Center for Fathering

Express our gratitude for all he did. It is a human need – appreciation. Let us tell him how much we need and grateful him by writing him short notes and messages about his role in the family and our in our lives, all those moral, spiritual, and emotional support he provide. Making a short family video is another option. Celebrating this special day does not have to spend so much money, it is the way we express our love for him – is all that matters.

Remove the “pressures.” On Father’s Day, he will surely appreciate to forget for awhile the deadlines, hassles, rushing to-and-fro, and the like. Let him relax and be himself.

And as a culmination, let us prepare a special dinner. Meals that he love most and crave. Just this once. You may try this delicious Grilled Marinated Hanger Steak, or this creamy saucy Chicken Stroganoff, or this lavish Lamb Chops with Mint Pan Sauce. Or, this yummy Marinated Salmon. Or, you may just prepare what he wants for this special day.

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Let’s rock-and-roll on Father’s Day!

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