Healthy Eating Plans as Resolutions for 2018

For 2018, let us level up with our traditional concepts of “losing weight” and “eating healthy” to a life-changing perspective and create a more manageable eating plans. Something that we can do and be better and healthier. Our plans should not be so complex that we could not accomplish to reach. Just simply do-ably and feasibly healthy!

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Stack on Vegetables and Learn Roasting Them

It’s three or more servings of vegetables are the daily recommended dose for Americans but sad to say, reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that most of the Americans do not. If you are thinking that vegetables do not taste palatable, yet you know that they are good for you because of they are loaded with healthy fiber and natural nutrients, then you should think of alternative ways of making them great. Like roasting vegetables as it emulsifies the natural sugars that they contain and therefore, will taste better. It is simple and easy method of cooking vegetables for dinner.

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Less Meat, Choose Alternatives like Tofu

One of the top reasons why people need to reduce on eating meat is for environmental advocacy and at the same time, cutting on meat is beneficial for your heart. Replacing meat with soy is better alternative. Tofu may not contain a “real” taste but experts claim that it is what makes tofu versatile. Level up the taste it with stir-fry sauce or marinade it…. See, there are better ways of doing it.

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Try Seafood for More Omega-3

The best we can get from foods rich with Omega-3 fatty acids is keeping our blood pressure down. The INTERMAP research shows that from 4,680 healthy study participants, those who took the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids through their diet had the lowest rate of high blood pressure. Results also show that Omega-3 help improve our moods which is very useful during winter time. It is recommended to get at least 2 servings of fish every week, especially fatty fish like sardines, salmon and some tuna rich in Omega-3. However, if you cannot tolerate fish, go for alternatives like flax and walnuts – non-fish sources of Omega-3.

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Get More Fiber from Whole Grains

Fiber help us prevent cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Eating more fiber also help us slim down. An average American consumed about 14 grams every day – which is short from the recommended 21 grams to 38 grams every day. The simplest way to get fiber is to eat more whole grains like quinoa, polenta, bulgur, and whole wheat couscous which are all easy cooking whole grains options.

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Quit Sugar and Choose Low-Sugar Goodies to Appease our Sweet Tooth

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We all love sugar. Statistics show that we consume about 355 calories or about 22 teaspoons of added sugars – that is, everyday. The American Heart Association suggests that we can eat much less than this by finding alternative ways to appease our sweet tooth and at the same time  reduce our sugar intake. Honey is the best alternative for sugar.


Remember that by getting rid of things that we love from our diet, we may feel denied. We suggest that rather than removing “bad foods,” try replacing them with healthier alternative foods. For example, instead of regular pasta, we can opt for the whole wheat pasta. Just enhance your diet instead of depriving yourselves with “deprivation.” As a sample, try this Baked Avocado Tacos which gives you the taste from the original recipe but providing you with more healthier nutrients.

Finally, do not be harsh to yourself by aiming for perfection. With deprivation comes the over-indulgence, and therefore by aiming for perfection may result to feeling “burnt out,” and give up. Experts recommend that we stick with the smaller portions and enjoy ourselves and love the way life is giving us!

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