10 World’s Hot Beverages for Colder Months

We are now at colder months. Colder months means hot beverages especially every morning. Here are some popular hot beverages around the world you may want to try.

Sahlab: Egypt

Sahlab is a famous winter beverage in Egypt. It is a thick creamy white hot drink from white flour-like powder that is obtained from dried tubers of wild orchid known as Orchis mascula. Here is the recipe if you want to try.

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Anijsmelk – Holland

Considered as classic Dutch beverage, it is anise mixed with hot milk. The anise adds fragrance and light touch of spice. If you love the taste of black licorice, then you will love this drink also. It is believed that it helps you sleep soundly and calm the stomach.

hot beverages around the world

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Kumenkaffi – Iceland

Kumenkaffi is also known as the caraway coffee. This coffee is served after meals with a splash of a caraway-flavored schnapps called brennivin. Kumenkaffi smells spicy and tastes tart with lots of caffeine.

hot beverages around the world

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Hot Toddy from Ireland

This hot toddy is a mixed beverage made of liquor and water with herbs, honey, and spices. It is also known as hot whiskey in Ireland. Serve hot and enjoy the day!

hot beverages around the world

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Api Morado – Bolivia

Api morado is known as colorful breakfast beverage in Bolivia. It is made from cinnamon, purple maize, sugar and water, thus the adjective  colorful. It surely makes for a hearty breakfast especially when served hot and with fritters.

hot beverages around the world

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Masala Chai from India

Masala Chai refers to the flavored tea drink made by brewing black tea with mixture of aromatic Indian herbs and spices.

hot beverages from around the world

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Mexican Atole

Mexican Atole is considered as perfect winter hot beverage! This beverage comes with corn hominy flour called masa, unrefined cane sugar called as piloncillo, water, vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate or fruit (optional). The mixture is blended and heated before it is served.

hot beverages from around the world

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Glogg from Sweden

Glogg is a warm beverage in Swedish tradition and there is no christmasses without glogg. It is a warm beverage that usually contains nuts and raisins and is sipped in small cups to keep one body’s warm.

hot beverages from around the world

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Cioccolata Calda from Italy    

This hot chocolate from Italy, also called “European drinking chocolate,” has usually almost a pudding-like texture characterized by a lightweight espresso spoons sometimes standing upright in the cup. It is made with real pieces of chocolates, milk and sugar instead of chocolate powder and water. They are melted in special machines that mix chocolates constantly to avoid lumps and burning.

hot beverages from around the world

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The Traditional Hot Coffee from Saigon

Classic hot coffee is rich, creamy and ummm…. So coffey!

hot beverages from around the world

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