Right Lifestyle, Healthy Food for a Better Life

Better life is a personal decision to make. We make decision for ourselves and we take the consequences it bring.
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We all want to live longer and enjoy life at its best. While a study conducted by a Danish Twin Study has established that only about 20% of how long we live is ascertained by our human genes, the remaining factors are determined by our choices  we make. There are many studies and research indicate that healthy lifestyle can protect us from diseases and lengthen our life.

The Healthy Aging” a Longitudinal Study in Europe (HALE) in 2004 was participated by more than 2,000 participants, age aging from 70 to 90 years old.  It was found out that observing a Mediterranean diet and a healthy lifestyle are linked to over 50% lower rates of mortality.

The research teams examined closely the deaths that was caused by coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. As a conclusion, the study concluded that the power to a healthy and longer life entirely depends on us and the choices we make. While medication can heal and save lives, healthy food and right lifestyle can save lives as well.

Modern times have witnessed how we combat diseases. With studies like Blue Zone and HALE that reaffirm factors that can make us live longer and healthier, they also reiterate that it is entirely up to us. Below are some recommended foods and lifestyle that are, again and again, remind us to choose the right options. Our medical practitioners are there to help us through and recommend the best steps for a healthy living. We need to have healthy and longer life without those prescription drugs. For those practitioners who do not believe in this, it is time to find one who believes.

These are based on recommendations from medical practitioners and from the results of HALE study:

Plant-based Diet which consists of fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Reduce eating of red meat and dairy but include fish because it is rich in proteins and healthy fats.

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Choose quality fats like monounsaturated fats including sunflower oil, canola oil, and olive oil. Avoid harmful saturated fats such as butter, dairy products, and animal fats.

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Reduce sugar and alcohol intake. With the HALE team, they learned that in terms of survival, there it did not matter between people who take one gram of alcohol against those who consumed thirty grams or ¼ cup every day. Therefore, it is recommended a moderate intake of alcohol. Red wine are fine. Sugar contains no nutritional value and can result to blood sugar spikes and inflammation. Well, sugar is best served during special events.

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Have multivitamins and omega-3 supplements. Although the HALE team did not look at these supplements use but they explained that these multivitamins and omega-3  can cover your base for the cells to get the essential nutrients to perform well. Supplements are a great way in helping women as they age.

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Do physical activitiesSo long as your body is moving and increase your heart rate, your body is getting its benefits. It does not have to be in the gym and extreme physical exercises but look for something that really love doing. It can be swimming, dancing, or just walking in the park with someone and your dog. Keep movin’ for a better life.

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Minimize stress.  Again, although this was not included in the study but many health experts recommend to reduce stress – everyday. Look for ways that work for you. Since stress is uniquely individual, hence solutions are also uniquely personal. Experiment with stress reduction ideas. It can be talking to a friend or a family member, writing how you feel about something, or seeing a counselor can help a lot. Just discover what works for you best. Less stress means better life.

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We all hope for a better life including a healthy body and mind. Experts have provided with so many proven concepts on how to attain healthy mind and body for a longer and better life but in the end, the decision depends on us. The decision that we make is what we can become in the near future. Motivation and strong will are important factors if we want to live healthy life and longer.

If you are successful in this journey, share your experience with us so we may learn from it.

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