Top Trending Healthy Diets in 2018

We have collected top searched diets in 2017. Most likely, these popular diets will continue come 2018.

The Mediterranean Diet


This Mediterranean diet is inspired by foods commonly eaten in most countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Generally, the diet is rich in vegetables and fruits, whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat, as well as fish. Many health professionals agree that it is one of the best plant-based diets and the easiest to follow.

The Vegetarian Diet


The Vegetarian diet is logically simple! Definitely, no meat allowed. It’s all vegetables on your plate making you feel fuller.



Short for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, the diet uses less sodium – of about a maximum of 2,300-milligram each day – with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Some professionals recommend this diet as best diet for patient with diabetes. It is also one of the best heart healthy diets.

The Ornish Diet

ornish diet

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The diet essentially highlights vegetables and fruits, whole grains, selective fats that contains omega 3 fatty acids. It uses less processed foods. Another diet that is good for the heart. Ornish diet is developed by Dr. Dean Ornish.

Volumetrics Diet

volumetrics diet

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Volumetrics diet categorizes foods according to its density. It uses less dense foods like soups or vegetables high in water, which is preferred over butter, pizza, and cookies. The diet is developed by Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Penn State University.

The TLC Diet

tlc diet

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Known as the therapeutic lifestyle changes, the diet aims at reducing cholesterol level. It trains us to eat less foods with saturated fats such as chicken with skin, cheese, and butter. The diet encourages eating more of vegetables and fruits, fish, skinless chicken, and other low-fat dairy products.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

mayo clinic diet

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Developed by a research team in Rochester, Minnesota, promotes the breaking of bad habits and substituting with good habits. The diet has the first part that lasts for two weeks that aims at losing 6 to 10 pounds. The Mayo Clinic diet has food pyramid that highlights fruits and vegetables at the bottom.

The Flexitarian Diet

flexitarian diet

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The diet is developed for those who want to practice vegetarian habits but do not want to give up meat entirely. The diet adds up “new meat” into their foods such as protein-loaded beans, nuts, lentils, tofu, and eggs. This diet is developed by Dawn Jackson Blatner, a licensed dietitian.

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