Types of Vegetarians: Appreciating Life’s Abundance


Being a vegetarian is not a hype nor a trend but it is a lifestyle of healthy eating habits appreciating life’s abundance around. When you are planning to become one, the most important thing you need to ask yourself and affirm is if you are ready about living without meats from your diet. It does not matter what age range you are, it is how dedicated you are to become healthy and fit by becoming a vegetarian.

There are several types of vegetarians but we choose here the most popular ones. If you are serious on becoming one, choose from these types:

Macrobiotic Vegetarians


This type of vegetarian follows the traditional principles of Asia where they believe that food should always be balance – yin yang that our body deserves. This means that we avoid any animal-based foods such as steaks, refined or processed foods. Shun away from caffeine or any food that contains preservatives, including frozen pies. Macrobiotic vegetarians welcome to plenty of vegetables in their diet.

Try this sample recipe for macrobiotic vegetarians.

Lacto/Lacto-ovo Vegetarians

While Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat eggs, Lacto vegetarians avoid eggs in their diet.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians is satisfied with a slice of cheese with eggs, enjoy a glass of milk, and some tuna, if they crave for it. However, they avoid any type of meat in their diet such as bacon since their diet is basically contains vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Lacto Vegetarians, on the other hand, has similar diet with Lacto-ovo vegetarians. The difference is that Lacto vegetarians exclude any eating “flesh” of any type, thus, they do not include meats and eggs in their meals.  They only promote vegetables, fruits, and grains with cheese.

Some nutritionists agree that Lacto-ovo vegetarian is healthy as non-vegetarians as long as they get sufficient protein from eggs and dairy products.

Try this 14-day Lacto-ovo diet meals.



Vegans is classified as full vegetarian since they only eat vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes. They abstain from meat and fish, dairy and any food that are animal-based products. They avoid jello and gummy bears which are gelatin made from boiled animal bones, tendons, and skins. They do not even wear fur or leather, or anything made from animals. Their focused is getting all the required nutrients from grains, fruits and vegetables. So, if you are considering becoming a vegan, say goodbye to your bacon and jello but choose a whole grain bread with cashew butter, or rice with plenty of tofu instead of meat dishes.

Click here for a sample vegan recipe.

Raw Foodists


Living and raw foodists promote eating uncooked, unheated, unprocessed, and organic plant-based foods. They believe that cooking foods remove all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They only drink purified water and fresh-made juices.

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