Vegetarian Summer Tips: Sizzles and Fun

Being vegetarian or pescatarian does not mean we avoid great summer fun times with our families and friends. We can still enjoy sunshine and great foods just like others, whether we go to beaches, rivers, campsites, or even outside our place. Indeed, let’s throw a vegetarian party and enjoy sun with friends and families.

Pescatarian need not worry. Summer heat and seafood just go together perfectly! If you are into grilled fish and seafood, just make sure they are fresh. Buying them from supermarkets is recommended since their staff can advise you with the right fish and seafood for grilling, and most importantly, you can ask them the freshest catch of this day! C’mon pescatarian, let’s summer party!

Here is some tips from Thomas Joseph regarding better way to grill vegetables:


On Sizzling Grills and Barbeque


Grilled Asparagus
recipes & image:

You can take pride in this pressed tofu marinated in traditional Indian tandoori spices and grilled until it becomes deliciously crispy! Or, this delightful grilled asparagus and shiitake tacos we know your family and friends will love so much! Vegans will feast on this grilled cheesy eggplant or this grilled potatoes as an alternative to oily french fries! 

And yes, pescatarians will surely enjoy this delectable roasted salmon recipe or smokey grilled shrimps for appetizer.

And for great wine and food pairings, you may want to read this guide.

Sumptuous Burgers, Sandwiches, and Pizzas

Our kids and friends will feast on this veggie burgers with Tahini mayo or this simple vegetarian burger! Pizzas? Of course, as vegetarians, we can still enjoy pizzas like others do, only that we don’t have those oily and saturated fats in our pizzas. Have you ever tried this grilled pizza with simple tomato sauce? Or, heard about this Mediterranean pesto pizza? And hurray for this caramelized onion bread we all love! Pescatarians have their homemade square pizza and appetizing classic party pizza tarts.


Caramelized Onion Bread
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Fresh and Chilled Summer Sips

And of course, in this summer heat, we do not forget those fresh and zesty beverages like Cucumber and Melon Sangria and that icy Peach Wine cooler with lots of ice, or this low-calorie raspberry cooler is a winner!


Raspberry Spritzer
image & recipe:

So, we are set to throw a backyard summer party with sumptuous healthy grills, burgers, pizzas, and summer beverages! Living life to the fullest with family and friends are the best thing in this life!







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