Discovering World’s Favorite National Dishes (Part 1)

Today’s article, let us feast on the world’s great recipes.

Poke (USA)

Poke is an iconic Hawaiian salad with raw fish as the major ingredient. This dish is originated from local fishermen. Raw fish is seasoned in different ways. It is delicious and considered a healthy recipe.

poke dish

source: Tastemade

Chicken Parm (Australia)

This dish consists of melted Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, a peppery and garlicky tomato sauce drizzled over the top of a chicken fillet. Well, some would say this is an Italian food. Well, we do not argue.

 Chicken Parm (Australia)

source: Food To Love

Arepas (Venezuela)

This traditional dish is a corn-dough patty that gives you a savory, adding some delicious toppings such as crisped pork skin, shredded chicken, cheese, perico, tomato, avocado, and beef.

 arepas venezuela dish

source: Serious Eats


Also known as panmolle, is a Tuscan summer bread salad with tomatoes. It consists of chunks of soaked stale bread and tomatoes, onions and basil and dressed with vinegar and olive oil.

Panzanella dish

source: The PKP Way

Poutine (Canada)

Another traditional dish from Canada, Poutine is french fries covered with cheese curds and brown gravy. It looks disgusting but it is saucy and cheesy fried-potato mix that you will love up to the last bite! Canadians that this best enjoyed at around three in the morning after some beers.

 poutine dish

source: Food Network

Colcannon (Ireland)

This is a traditional Irish food from mashed potatoes and kale is a year-round staple.

 Colcannon (Ireland)

source: Kerrygold

Parma Ham (Italy)

The Italian traditional parma ham is remarkably delicious. It can be meaty, buttery, sweet, nutty. It’s secret? Ham, salt, and air.

Parma Ham (Italy)

source: Globe Holidays

Tacos (Mexico)

This traditional dish from Mexico is a fresh handmade tortilla with small chunks of grilled beef rubbed in oil and sea salt. Then it is wrapped with guacamole, onions, salsa and anything you want to make it excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.



Seafood Paella (Spain)

This dish brings you a steamy pan of paella with lobster, shrimps, cuttlefish, and mussels mixed with white rice and herbs, oil, and salt.

 spanish traditional seafood paella


Pierogi (Poland)

This Polish Pierogi is filled with fresh curd cheese, boiled and minced potatoes and fried onions.

 Pierogi (Poland)

source: MyGourmetConnection

Chicken Muamba (Gabon)

Chicken, garlic, hot chili, pepper, tomato, salt, palm butter, and okra!

 Chicken Muamba (Gabon)

source: Daily Motion

Loco Moco (Hawaii)

Top your hot white rice with a burger patty, sunny-side up egg, and cover it with brown gravy.

Hawaiian Loco Moco

source: Paleo on the Go Blog

Champ (Ireland)

Another Irish national dish with mashed potato, spring onions, pepper and salt, and butter. An excellent side with any meat or fish.

 Irish champ

source: KitchMe

Fajitas (Mexico)

A mixture of sizzling grilled meat, some servings of capsicum, sour cream, onions, guacamole, salsa into warm flour tortilla.

 mexican fajitas

source: Food Network Canada

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